Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl Roberts

Cheryl (third from the right) and a dedicated crew laid sod in the rain at Thrivent Builds 2013.

Cheryl started volunteering when Target did a volunteer day at the Restore. She continued to volunteer with Habitat when she found out that one of the families we were helping was the daughter of her best friend.

Cheryl thinks that Habitat is a great place to volunteer. “As a volunteer, you get to be involved with helping these families.  Knowing that in the end the families will be able to own their own home.  Watching the progress of the house from start to finish.  You would be amazed, If you could see the smiles and the happiness that this brings to the family.”

In her spare time, Cheryl likes to make things out of discarded items such as frames out of left-over tile. Cheryl also likes painting, so much that she has repainted every room in my house at least twice in five years.

Thank you Cheryl!

Learn how you can volunteer at Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity and ReStore.