Construction Corner: YouthBuild

We were honored to be able to partner with YouthBuild, a program led by Tech High School teacher Bill Garceau, this summer. The work the team completed was of great help with our mission of building safe, affordable housing.


We have partnered with YouthBuild for at least 10 years, including last year’s first Tiger Build. Youthbuild is a program intended to teach youth construction skills. With the current shortage of construction workers, this program is a huge asset to our community and our local construction companies.


Bill Garceau and his YouthBuild team carried the ball during some tough tasks, and were a great help. It’s a win-win, with us giving the students practical construction experience, while we get a skilled teacher who can teach the more technical parts of a project. We look forward to working with YouthBuild in the future.

We’re making progress on our projects

Our volunteers and sponsors are making a lot of progress on our two current builds. Insulation has gone up and siding is nearly finished at the Thrivent Build, 217 12th Avenue North. Flooring is set to be installed the end of this week.


The Tiger Build is also in good shape. The stairs were successfully installed and framing is going up in the basement.


For more progress on our current builds, check out our Facebook page.

Habitat 500 rides to record success!

This year’s Habitat 500 had a record number of 13 riders who raised funds for Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity. Our riders braved rain and wind to ride an average of 71 miles a day for a total of 500 miles from July 10-16.


A big thanks goes out to this year’s CMHFH riders: Loretta Anderson, Mike Dorle, Mark Huseth, Jim Parsons, Steve Reetz, Michaela Roske, Shaun Rowley, Lynn Schurman, Donald Taylor, Molly Weyrens, Bea Winkler, Steve Wisniewski-Grzybowski and Bobby Youngdahl. Collectively, the group has nearly raised their goal of $20,000.


It’s not too late to help our riders reach their goal – you can still donate and help push the riders over the $20,000 mark! Contact Kris Lehman at 320-241-8662 if you have questions or are interested in donating!


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