3 Home Closings. 23 Lives Changed.

Three Habitat Partner Families have graduated to become Habitat Homeowners today, Feb. 21.

For two of the families, this ends a 26-month process from when they received the pre-application form to when they signed the mortgage documents and received their keys.

When asked if they were excited to be completing the last step in the path to homeownership, Saleban said, “Absolutely!” with a big smile on his face, noting that he had prepared for all the documents he was going to be signing during the closing. Saleban and his wife Khadra will be moving into the Thrivent Builds home with their four kids. They said their kids couldn’t wait to get out of school and move into their new house.

Saeedo and Abdihakim were all smiles as they signed pages and pages of the mortgage documents. Abdihakim joked “Is that all?!”after signing the first document in the stack of pages. The couple will be moving into the Tiger Build 2 home with their six children. They said their first stop after the closing was to open the doors to their new home that they now own.

And Deeq was so excited at the closing this morning that he signed his name twice on the first document! Deeq and his wife Nasra purchased the Build for Unity home and will be moving into the home with their seven children. One of their sons attended the closing with them and said he was planning on building a snowman and playing in their new backyard.

Apart from the Home Dedications where the children see the homes for the first time, the closings are one of the really touching moments for those of us who are involved with Habitat. These are the moments when the families see the months of hard work with sweat equity (volunteer work) and homeownership education classes pay off. The closings where they sign their mortgage is the time when the Habitat staff sees a true sense of relief and happiness wash over the families as they know they are stepping into a new life of stability and opportunity.