Mary Amann

Mary Amann is the volunteer coordinator. She has worked professionally with mission-focused volunteers for many years in the St. Paul/Twin Cities area. Volunteering has been an important part of her personal life, and she has been blessed to bring that volunteer passion to her work.

Mary and her husband live in Kimball. Moving from the Twin Cities to Stearns County brought her closer to her three young grandchildren. Her hobbies include participating in a number of dog sports with her three dogs, both for pleasure and competitively. At home, she and her husband enjoy beekeeping, wildflower restoration and the tranquility of rural living.

Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl Roberts

Cheryl (front) volunteering on a Habitat construction site.

Name: Cheryl Roberts

Occupation: Team Lead at Target

Volunteer Roles at Habitat: Events committee, office work, helping on the construction site

Years Volunteering with Habitat: 5 years

Favorite Thing about Volunteering at Habitat: Meeting all the different people at the events (Habitat families, donors, volunteers, etc.).

Why Volunteer? To get out of the house and do something for someone else.

Why Volunteer at Habitat? To see firsthand the difference that Habitat is making in the community.

Hobbies Outside of Habitat: Crafting, spending time with my family, camping

Why Should Others get Involved with Habitat? Just to see what Habitat is all about and to get involved with your community.

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