Board Spotlight: Hailey Hollenhorst

Name: Hailey Hollenhorst, Board Vice-President

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Why did you want to be on Habitat’s board? I did a Habitat for Humanity International Build in Ghana and was drawn to the mission immediately. I wanted to get involved with my local Habitat for Humanity chapter once I got back!

How long have you been on the board? I served for 2 years in 2013-2014, moved away, and was invited to rejoin when I moved back to the area in 2017.

In what ways do you volunteer your time with Habitat? While I was practicing law, I devoted a lot of pro bono hours to representing Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity. Now that I am no longer practicing, I volunteer on build sites, at Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity events, and by attending and being active on the Board and committees.

Why do you choose to volunteer your time? By volunteering my time, I am able to help the people in the community I otherwise would not be able to. When I was practicing at Gray Plant Mooty, the firm was very supportive of the attorneys devoting their time to volunteering and I have tried to continue that habit.

What do you like most about being involved with Habitat? I like the idea of working alongside the families that are being helped. I can see that they are fully invested in the program and are working extremely hard to attain their goal of home ownership. Habitat is an organization that requires the beneficiaries of the organization to work hard for what they are receiving. I think that it’s an excellent model.

Why do you think others should be involved with Habitat? There are so many ways to donate. You can donate time by being on a build site, donate money always needed to build the homes, or donate your talent by serving on a committee. It is very fulfilling to give to an organization that helps people obtain what many of us take for granted – an adequate roof over our heads. By giving any of your time, money or talent, you know you’re giving to an organization that is helping people better their lives.

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