Volunteering — Beyond the Walls

At CMHFH, volunteers are the backbone of our mission. As a non-profit we depend on our volunteers’ generosity, especially the sharing of their treasured time.

Habitat is blessed and fortunate to have many ready hands to pound a nail, raise a wall, brush on fresh paint and or install a window. This is the heart of what we do…providing a home…a home for laughter, learning, loving and living. Our gratitude to our building crews is immense!

With this blog post, however, I want to shine a light on those that work beyond the lumber, nails and shingles. It truly is amazing the tasks our volunteers do solely to help us reach our vision.

In my short time here as a volunteer coordinator, I’ve been in awe of the volunteers willing to tackle jobs and tasks that are not glamorous, often dirty, and frequently out of the eyes of any recognition. Here’s a shout out to the volunteers that dump our office trash before office hours, take a truckload to the landfill in the rain, organize our trailers, or travel over an hour to recycle our old computers. Kudos to volunteers pushing a broom to clean debris or leaving little ones with a babysitter to spend a few hours at our computers. It’s with thankfulness to the volunteers that work with ingenuity to generously clean and make ready our new homes; laying the foundation of love, laughter and living even before the family steps across its threshold. Volunteer compassion shows in the volunteer leaders that make the phones calls and send the emails in an effort to get a job done. The “beyond the wall” volunteers, rain or shine (and sometimes snow!) may be lifting signs, cleaning warehouses, hauling brush, shoveling driveways, mowing vacant lots, and countless other tasks!

It is inspiring to see the love shared through actions that many of us never see, often forget happen, and, may mean getting into the grit and dirt of every day life. To these volunteers, we say THANK YOU! Your work may be beyond the construction that is vital to our mission, but it is no less important! Thank you for opening your hearts to some of the forgotten tasks so we can open the doors to a better future!