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Join us for ReStore’s 6th Anniversary Celebration!


We’re celebrating 6 years of supporting the mission of Habitat for Humanity in Saint Cloud and you’re invited!

Join us for a free lunch from 11:30-1 p.m.

Door prizes will be announced all day! We have some great prizes from Leighton Broadcasting, Scheels, Xalon Salon, Synergy Chiropractic, Batteries+Bulbs, Beaver Island, St. Cloud Rox, St. Cloud State Athletics, H&S Heating and Air Conditioning, Floral Arts and Cohlab Digitial Marketing.

Plus, the first 100 donors will receive a swag bag filled with goodies, including a free beer token from Urban Lodge and a goodie from Remedy Beauty!

This is one event you won’t want to miss! Invite your friends!

Make sure to RSVP you’re going on our Facebook event for the celebration and you could win a $25 ReStore gift certificate!

Customer Creation: From cabinet to ice fishing sled

Some of our ReStore customers walk into the store and see endless possibilities of what they can do with the items on the floor. From a base cabinet, a ReStore customer was able to envision an ice fishing sled with folding skis for easy off-season storage.

Check out the transformation:







What have you created from a ReStore purchase?

ReStore will be closed Christmas Eve!

Be sure to plan ahead in purchasing your ReStore holiday gifts, supplies and gift certificates. ReStore will be closed Christmas Eve, Saturday, Dec. 24.

ReStore will be open normal winter hours on all other days this holiday season. ReStore donation hours are: Tuesday-Wednesday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and Thursday-Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ReStore shopping hours are: Thursday-Saturday 10 a.m. -6 p.m. ReStore will be open on New Year’s Eve.

Any questions about Holiday Hours, please call the store at 320-281-3167.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday gift: Personalized tiles

This tile project is super easy to do and the cost is practically next to nothing but the finished project looks like it cost a whole lot more!

You can personalize this project with a person’s favorite quote or with a favorite family photo! This is a great gift for grandparents and great grandparents!

Materials: Tile from ReStore (prices vary depending on the size, $0.10-$2), Modge Podge ($7.99 from craft store but many may already have this at their home), and a photo or quote printed on plain white paper. Note: If you are using a quote, make sure to print the quote backwards.


Step 1: Put a light layer of Modge Podge on the tile and place the paper face down. Smooth out the paper to make sure there aren’t any air bubbles and it is securely in place. Let it dry overnight (or approximately 10-12 hours).


Step 2: Take a wet washcloth and gently wet the paper. Once all the paper is wet, gently rub the paper off. Don’t rub too hard or you’ll also rub the ink off. Once all the paper and remnants are off, place a light layer of Modge Podge over the quote or picture and let it dry.


Holiday gift: Easy string art

String art is one of the hottest crafting trends right now. This project was so easy and so much fun to do – and the end result was just perfect – that we are already thinking about other string art projects.

The possibilities are endless – snowflakes, hearts, arrows, chevrons, a snowman, Christmas tree!

Materials: Wood ($0.50 from ReStore), Nails ($0.25 from ReStore), Paint ($1.99 from craft store), string ($2.99 from craft store). Total: $5.73. Also will need: a hammer and a printout of whatever shape you are wanting to do.


Step 1: Paint the wood. Two coats worked well. Wait for paint to dry.

Step 2: Place the paper shape on your wood block and start outlining the shape with nails. For Minnesota, it worked well to put a nail in each corner of the state and then put a nail in the protruding angles of the state. From there you can just evenly distribute the nails to your liking. Tear off the paper when you are done putting the nails in place.


Step 3: Tie the string to one of the nails and start zig-zagging it across the shape. After you have sufficiently covered the shape, wrap around the edge of the outline for a finishing touch.

Step 4: Keep for yourself because it turned out so well or blow a loved one away with your craftiness with this personal holiday gift!

Holiday gift: Coasters make great hostess gifts

Brightly colored coasters are a great hostess gift for any holiday party you may be attending this season. This is something that could also so easily be personalized with different scrapbook paper. Use scrapbook paper that matches the recipient’s décor or interests (sports, gardening, Christmas, etc).
In addition to all the possibilities with this project, it is also super economical and super easy! The longest part of this project was just waiting for the Modge Podge to dry. The actual time it took to put this together was roughly 10-15 minutes.

The end result looks much more expensive and time-consuming than it actually is!

Materials needed: Tile from ReStore ($0.10 per tile), Scrapbook paper ($3.98 for a pack of 36 6×6 corresponding sheets from craft store), and Modge Podge ($7.99 from craft store). Total cost: $4.38 (if you already own the Modge Podge). Many crafters may also have leftover scrapbook paper at home and this project is a great way to use that up.

Step 1: Cut your scrapbook paper in the sizes you want to fit the tiles.

Step 2: Use a paintbrush (we prefer foam craft brush for Modge Podge) to put a good layer of Modge Podge on the tile.

Step 3: Place the scrapbook paper on the tile and smooth out any bubbles. Put a thin layer of Modge Podge over the scrapbook paper and tile to secure it in place. Pay careful attention to the edges of the paper to make sure they are firmly pressed to the tile.

Step 4: Wait for it to dry. We waited 24 hours before stacking the tiles together and wrapping it with a decorative bow.

Notes: You can also place a little bit of felt on the bottom of the coasters so that it won’t scratch surfaces. And you can also bypass the scrapbook paper and instead have children put handprints or paint pictures on the tile coasters but still make sure to seal it with Modge Podge.

ReStore do it yourself serving tray

Holiday gift: Easy serving tray tutorial

Serving trays are great for all occasions! They are a convenient, classy way to display and carry food at parties. Trays work great to bring popcorn and candy and drinks out to the living from for a family movie night. And they can carry breakfast to bed for that special someone in your life on birthdays, anniversaries or just because!

This serving tray project is super easy to do. If you can paint, you can do this!!!

Serving tray supplies
Supplies: a cupboard door from ReStore ($5), two drawer pulls from ReStore ($0.50 each), and paint ($1.99 from craft store). We also used chalkboard paint ($7.99 at craft store) to make this tray a little extra special. That’s a grand total of $7.99 ($15.98 if you add chalkboard paint). Other supplies you’ll need: drill and paint brushes.

Step 1: Paint the tray. We started on the outside edges first, making sure to get ledges all around the center. Two coats seemed to work well. Once that was dry, we used the chalkboard paint on the inner part of the tray. Let it try completely.

Step 2: Drill holes for the handles and secure the handles in place.

Step 3: Enjoy!

ReStore do it yourself serving tray
Notes: While the chalkboard paint was the most expensive part of this project, there is still most the bottle left after painting the tray. And there are so many fun projects that can be done with chalkboard paint! Check out our Pinterest board to see what else you might want to try!