Tech Juniors and Seniors build Habitat house in parking lot

A family of seven will be moving into a house which is currently being built by Tech High School seniors and juniors.

The partnership between Tech High School and Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity gives students hands-on experience in skilled labor trades.

Tech Juniors and Seniors eat pizza during the Tiger Build Kickoff,

Tech Juniors and Seniors eat pizza during the Tiger Build Kickoff.

“The students experience service learning while building a home for a local, low-income family,” said Bill Garceau, instructor with Tech High School’s Technology Education Program. “The partnership also allows us to have the home stay local and the students will come back years from now and be able to show off the home they built.”
One of Garceau’s favorite things about the Tiger Build partnership is the students get to develop skills that they will have for the rest of their lives. “Many students will continue with a construction related career and be very successful,” he said. “Students take pride and ownership of their work and this is exciting to see.”


Saeedo and her three oldest kids pose for a photo in their new house.

Students will learn all the key elements of building a home. Students are exposed to framing, dry walling, roofing, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Siding, and insulating.

“The students are proud of working as a team to accomplishing the huge task of building a home from start to finish,” Garceau said. “The hands-on learning approach is very appealing to my students.”

This year’s Tiger Build family has already been identified. The Mireh-Mohamud family will be moving into the house after Tech students have finished it and the house has been moved to a lot in St. Cloud. The three older kids have expressed interest in giving back and helping to build a home when they get to Tech High School.