Sadia Bande and Abdulaziz Tahir Family

The family is very excited to have the opportunity to purchase a house from Habitat for Humanity. The children: Zahra (9), Bashir (13), Samira (8), Khalid (14), Munira (11), Saadiq (8), Amiin (5), and Mustafa (1) are excited to have a yard where they can play tag, hide and seek, basketball, and ride their bikes.

Sadia and Abdulaziz are looking forward to being able to focus more on the kids since they won’t have to worry about their housing. They say the financial education they have received have helped them feel more prepared to be homeowners and are looking forward to learning even more, especially about maintenance.

Abdulaziz is currently working in General Production. Sadia is a translator. When not at work, the family enjoys reading, having picnics, and cooking together.

As they are working on their sweat equity hours, they not only hope to learn skills, but be able to work with other volunteers. They appreciate everyone that is helping them have this opportunity and want to say, “Thank you!”

The family closed on their house April 2016.