Mohamed Elmi & Ubah Mohamed Family

When asked what they are most excited about purchasing a house from Habitat for Humanity, the entire family agrees that they can’t wait to live together under one roof. Currently they live in two separate apartments so can’t enjoy the simplest of things like eating together or watching tv together.

Mohamed and Ubah are looking forward to learning more about how to maintain their home and neighbor relations in the homeowner education classes. They along with their children: Khalid (18), Khalil (16), Fatuma (13), Abdikhaliq (11), Abdullahi (8), Abdirahman (7), Abdiaziz (4) and Ubah’s mom Fatuma can’t wait to have space to run around without disturbing the neighbors.

The kids have big dreams of what they want to be when they grow up including working in the medical field, being a petroleum engineer, being a doctor, being an engineer, working in his dad’s shop, and being a police officer.  The family enjoys going to Lake George, playing soccer, football and basketball.

Currently Mohamed woks as a lab tech and is part owner of a convenience store and Ubah is a PCA. They have started their sweat equity hours and are very thankful for all of the volunteers and donors that are helping make their dream of owning a home become a reality. They said, “We will never forget what you did for our family. We will never be able to repay you.”

The family closed on their house December 2015.