Jeremy Iaquinto & Trisha Egan

“Are you kidding me? This makes for a great day”was Jeremy’s response was he was told that his family had been approved as a Habitat Partner Family. When he shared the information with Trisha, he originally wanted to trick her and tell her they were not approved, but he couldn’t stop smiling because he was so excited so had to tell her the truth. She was very surprised.  The kids are excited to have more space and be able to invite friends over.

Aside from knowing their money is going into their house and not just rent, Jeremy and Trisha are looking forward to being all together as a family in one house. They enjoy playing at the parking, going to the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, swimming, going to their great grandpa’s and just being together as a family.

Jeremy currently works as an Assembler and Trisha stays home with their 6 month old twins- Brynn and Amaya. The older children have big goals of what they want to do when they grow up: Dontay (15) a Palentologist, Arianna (12) a Teacher or Artist, and Erin and Hailey want to be Gymansts.  Jeremy & Trisha hope that this process will teach their kids to work hard for things in life.

They hope to learn better money management in homeowner education to be more prepared for costs that come with being a homeowner and are super excited about the process and being able to work on the house with Habitat, volunteers and their friends and family. They greatly appreciate everyone that is helping them to become homeowners and said, “You don’t understand how much you are helping our family. Thank you!”

The family closed on their house December 2014.