Koreye-Muhumed Family

The Koreye-Muhumed family were all smiles when they found out they were going to become Habitat Homeowners.
Yussuf has been working at Electrolux for over 10 years. Zenab is a busy mom taking care of their five children – Mustafa, Maryama, Munsin, Maymuna, and Muntas.

The children are very excited to make memories (and cupcakes) in their new home – and to have a yard where they can play. The family enjoys spending time together going to the park, playing soccer and basketball, and making food and eating as a family.

Yussuf said purchasing a home was one of his goals. He’s thrilled to be able buy a Habitat home that will help his family have stability and focus on other goals, including making sure his children are getting a good education.
Yussuf has been learning a lot through his sweat equity and homeowner education classes. He said he’s ready to fix a sink and make minor repairs when needed.

The family loves the St. Cloud area and can’t wait to settle into their new Habitat home and continue to set down roots and contribute to the community.

Yussuf and Zenab signed their mortgage documents in May 2018 to become Habitat Homeowners.