Mohamed-Ahmed family

Nimo Mohamed and Mahad Ahmed are looking forward to the security homeownership offers and how it will benefit their children’s future. Nimo and Mahad have six children – Yasmin, Kamaldin, Faisal, Yusra, Issadin and Nurdin – and another little boy due in November.

Being homeowners will allow the family more space to spend time together. Currently the family has to eat dinner in shifts because they can’t all fit in the eating space at once.

When they are in an apartment, they are also not always sure how long they will be in one place. The house will give them a home base and peace of mind for stability.

The kids are also excited to live in a home and are looking forward to a yard to call their own where they can play soccer and basketball and have a safe area to ride their bikes.

Mahad is very excited to help out with construction on the home so he can learn how to make minor repairs and fixes when they move into their house.

They are very, very happy for the opportunity to be Habitat homeowners and the doors this will open up for their future and their children’s future.

Mahad and Nimo signed their mortgage papers in March 2017 to become Habitat homeowners.