Mohamud Mohamud & Nacima Abukar Family

With three young children and another on the way, Mohamud and Nacima are very happy that they were approved for our homeownership program. They are excited to have a stable house for their kids- Ibtisam (1.5), Faduma (2.5), and Aisha (8 months)- to grow up in and have room to play.

They are looking forward to homeowner education to help them be more prepared for homeownership. They also hope to learn new skills while doing their sweat equity hours.

Mohamud is a Lead General in Production, but would like to be a mechanic, which he was in Africa. He hopes that by not having to worry about where they will be living, he can focus on getting the education needed to do this.

The family enjoys spending time together, playing at the playground, and visiting family. They are looking forward to getting to know their future neighbors and Habitat donors and volunteers. They can’t say thank you enough to everyone that is helping their family become homeowners.

The family closed on their house April 2016.