Mohamud-Omar Family

Life will be changing for Deeq Mohamud, Nasra Omar and their children – Nimo (9), Nuurradiin (8), Nawaal (7), Saalahudin (6), Abdiaziiz (4), Najma (5 months), and a baby due in August. The family recently found out they were approved to be a Habitat homeowner.

Deeq works as a Bilingual Communications Specialist for St. Cloud Area School District 742. He helps interpret papers for parents and students and also teaches summer school. Nasra works as a child care provider at a Somali day care center in St. Cloud.

The family loves Central Minnesota and spending time together as a family. They enjoy going to the park to play soccer together and they like to take special trips to Chuck E. Cheese. The children are very excited about living in their own home.

Owning a home will be life changing, said Deeq. He is looking forward to help build his house and has work friends who are excited to work alongside him on the build site. Deeq and Nasra are also looking forward to the homeowner education classes that will teach them how to care for their home.

Deeq and Nasra will be the first in their families to own a home. They are currently renting a 100-year-old home in St. Cloud where two bedrooms are unusable in the winter months because of inadequate heating. This forces the family of 8 to sleep in two bedrooms and the living room.

The family is ready for this next stage in their lives. Deeq and Nasra have already put in a lot of their sweat equity hours at ReStore. Deeq says it is hard work but it is a lot of fun. He has enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers and getting good exercise lifting and moving items. They both like that there is always something to do at ReStore and that it is never the same!

The family was excited when they found out they were going to be Habitat homeowners and said their lives will change for the better when they become Habitat homeowners. “It will be a very happy life” when they are able to move into their own home, Deeq said.

Deeq and Nasra signed their mortgage papers in February 2018 to become Habitat homeowners.