Shiloh Mitch

“Are you serious? You just made my day so much better! Oh my goodness- I feel dizzy. Thank you!”  This what the response from Shiloh when she was notified that she had been approved as a Habitat Partner Family. She said the kids were excited when she shared the news with them. Shiloh and her children: Ka’Ron (12), Amijah (5) and Jeremiah (2) are looking forward to having more space and the stability of their own home. The kids can’t wait to have friends over.

Shiloh works as a Service Professional and a Server and would like to go back to school to finish a degree in Criminal Justice. She feels that owning her own house will give her stability to be able to achieve this goal and those of her children- Ka’Ron wants to be a professional basketball or football player and Amijah wants to be a gymnast or dancer. They enjoy playing board games- Amijah’s favorite is Life- and going for bike rides together.

She is a littler nervous about what being a homeowner means, but know her family and friends will help her. She feels that the financial education she’ll receive through homeowner education will help her be a more successful homeowner.

Shiloh feels that God handles her life and has helped her come a long way to a better life. She knows that people are busy and is amazed that so many people volunteer. She would like to say Thank You- a lot of hands make for light work and it is easier when everyone helps.

The family moved into their home November 2015.