Tricia Jacquemart Family

Tricia is very humbled that her family has been lucky enough to be accepted into our homeownership program. She was very hopeful for a fresh start for herself and her children, Brady (15) and Taylor (11). Brady likes bowfishing and algebra. Taylor also enjoys math and likes to be outside and singing at local events. The family all went through Tae Kwan Do together and have earned black belts.

They are excited to have a backyard where they can have a garden and become part of a neighborhood. While Tricia is nervous about the maintenance required as a homeowner, she is glad to be able to learn more about it and money management in homeowner education.

Currently Tricia works in accounts payable. She is just starting her sweat equity hours and is looking forward to working alongside the volunteers. They would like to say “thank you” to everyone that donates and volunteers. They appreciate the generosity and say, “There are not enough words to tell them how much this means to our family.”

They are looking forward to this great experience for their family.

The family closed on their house December 2015.